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Ronin-Hood Sisters is a Tactical RPG with elements of Rogue-Lite, where the player takes control of a group of magical girls with the ability to combine elements using their special powers that come from their costumes. This group of girls will use all of their abilities to destroy Otakio in order to recover their audience.


Game Features

Combine the elements

The group of girls can combine the elements (earth, water, fire and wind) to create new elements in the enviroment, 

All the elements apply different effects that affect the girls or the enemies. Watch where do you place a new element !!

Customize the girls

Select the costumes at the beginning of every run. Each of the costumes brings the girls an element and two unique abilities.

Upgrade the stats of the girls when they level up in the run.

Upgrade the costumes with the trophies of the fallen enemies.

Equip the team with magical gems that can increase their capacities and also bring them new abilities.

Break the environment

Destroy the city of Otakio to modify the battlefield or just because it's really fun to break the public property.

Create new paths to explore the map and also get some rewards for entering in the buildings.



ActionInputSecondary input
Move cameraW,A,S,DMouse Right Button
Rotate cameraQ,EMouse Center Button
Center camera
on selected girl
Change zoomMouse Wheeel up/down
Select option in GUIMouse left Button
Combat InspectorIShift
Sight LevelRePag - AvPagCRTL + Mouse wheel
Pass TurnENTER
Open Pause MenuESCP
Change selected girlCRTL + 1/2/3/4TAB
Jump ability1
Girl first ability2
Girl second ability3
Gem Ability4
Element Finisher5
Chaos Finisher6


The Team


Ana Dasí Martínez | ArtStation

Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández | ArtStation

Emilio Parra Valle | Itch.io | ArtStation


Alfonso Torres Sánchez | Itch.io | GitHub

Diego Muñoz Martín | Itch.io | GitHub

Diego Vázquez Garrido | Itch.io | GitHub

Francesc Sánchez Rodrigo | Itch.io | GitHub

Jorge de Paz Cabañas | Itch.io | GitHub

Marcos Pérez González | Itch.io

Sergio Jiménez Galiana |Itch.io | GitHub

Eduardo Urdaneta Cacheiro | Itch.io

Adrián Delgado del Sol | Itch.io | GitHub


Xabier Villanueva Loureiro

Carlos Martínez Ortega | Itch.io

Fernando Palazuelo Ginzo | Itch.io 

José Andrés Lazareno Casado

Luis Sagastibelza González | Itch.io

Felipe Uemura Brito-Pedro | Itch.io


Joe Sturges

Álvaro Valencia de Gracia

Extra credits

Additional sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com


RoninHood_Sisters_V1.1.zip 854 MB


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So...unfortunately this seems to be abandoned? That makes me sad if that is the case.

Any updates on this? I would love to see more of this project.

This game is amazing! I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks your way to help with development.






A pretty neat concept with a sublime execution. I'm very excited about the future of this game and all the ideas it can bring to the table. 

Keep it going, girls!